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The Australe Group have chosen to make the use of the software free to Process Servers and Field Agents.

Their decision to do this was based around their goal to help the smaller agencies doing the work on the ground grow their business.

Helping Improve Operational Practices and Increase Profits

They understand first hand how difficult it is to afford and implement technology when you are hard pressed getting the work done and meeting day to day commitments. They want to give such agents a fair go and believe this will make a vast difference to many agencies, both to improve their operational practices and increase profitability.

Process Servers and Field Agents are the Backbones of the Industry

There are many small agencies, husband and wife teams and one man bands working within this industry across Australia. These are the people who this software has been created for, these are the people who are the backbone of this entire industry and without them, the industry would come to a standstill.

This is an exciting time for this industry.

It is the Australe Groups pleasure to have you on board and look forward to fostering a long and prosperous relationship

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