Compliance for Field Agents and Process Servers

Our mission is to be the industry's benchmark for compliant Field Agents across Australia. 

The compliance component of the software has been thoroughly nutted out to ensure businesses and agents are compliant. When an agent registers their business they must upload their compliance documents, these are then verified by the Australe Groups compliance officers.

Compliance Table by the Australian States

This table outlines the Documents you will need when registering, if you are an experienced agent you will already have these documents, it will just be a matter of uploading them on the system.

Commercial Agents Licensing

Each business must have at least one compliant Field Agent, the system assumes the person registering is a field agent.

Compliance verification is triggered by system checks, if any-one document is not verified a notification is sent to both the agent and the Australe Group compliance officer.

A business can have more than one Field Agent attached to their profile, additional agents compliance is the responsibility of the business owner.

On this example below, you can see the business is verified and they have one verified Field Agent and one Field Agent pending verification.

Where the Contractor is a sole trader and has no workers’ compensation policy in place, the Contractor must insure against the loss of income and illness by the purchase of an income protection or salary continuance policy.

Business and Agent Compliance Table

compliance docs

What does this mean?

The business is compliant because it has one compliant Field Agent, this means when a client requests a quote the compliant agent will show up and be in the selection criteria to receive the job request. However, the Field Agent pending verification will not show up until they have been verified.

Process Serving Quote

Quote example with two compliant agents

In this example, you can see there are two businesses showing in the quote, all compliant Field Agents will be SMS'ed a link to accept the job. The agent in the previous example who is pending will not receive the SMS notification about the job.

Institute of Mercantile Agents

Because of the inherent integrity of the Institute of Mercantile Agents and the association's commitment to best practices the Australe Group prefer contractors and agents to be members. While not compulsory preference will be given to members.

The IMA has produced two excellent documents that are essential reading for anyone working in this industry you can download these documents on this link.

You can find out more info about the institute at their website

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